Russian state program "Global Education


Starting from June 20, 2014 in Russialaunched a state program « Global Education & raquo ;, which is unique. Russian students who have higher education, which goes to the full-time training in a master's or post-graduate residency may receive state financial aid. Funding will receive about 1,500 students. For each student buchildren from the budget allocated a certain amount of money. However, there is a selection of the program's participants on a competitive basis. One of the main conditions for participation is the duration of the study must be less than one year and not less. The task of the student's return after studying in Russia. The next step - it within three months after returning arranged nand work on the profile. Another condition of the program's: participant must have worked at least troh years in this company. There are requirements for the candidates of the program: the student must have Russian citizenship, must have a university degree and must act independently selected from the list in the program's   &Laquo; » institution.By the way, the company Inter-Study will assist you when submitting documents to the chosen university. Also, the student must be willing to work at least three years in the company of Russia, which he can choose from a list in which there are more than 500 large companies. There are cases when a participant violates the terms of the program and if this happens, the student mustreturn spent on him money, and pay a fine of twice the amount of the grant, which covers studies, travel back and forth, accommodation, health insurance, food, educational material. For the student has a choice in the direction of learning. These are: education, engineering, medicine science, management in the social sphere.

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