Quartz sand, and its use


Every day we pass by many objects,use different   things and even do not think about what they are made. After all, in fact, the natural environment gives us good, without which many spheres of human activity simply could not be used. And one of these materials have natural quartz sand, consisting of almost pure silica impurities. Range of opportunities to applyof silica sand is very high, due to its unique qualities.

Quartz, which has got to the bottom of lakes, rivers, crushed to produce sand, then it is cleaned of impurities. The purer the sand - the wider the scope of its application.

Industry Applications quartz sand

The most common crystal used in construction it is added to the various mixes and fillings, grouting and abrasive materials, and fine sand is part of dry plaster mixtures for interiors and facades, colors. A larger sand used to make concrete, backfill sports grounds and fields. In his, robothose using quartz sand and landscape designers.

Another sector where the use of quartz sand – manufacturing earthenware, porcelain, enamel, as well as in the foundry industry. Due to its hardness – has found application in the treatment of surfaces   sandblasting, chemical proindustry. It should be noted that quartz sand is used as a filter and commonly used for filtering the water of contaminants.

Every year the use of quartz sand all increased since opening more and more of his dignity and property.

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