Amber is fossilized resin which age is from 35 million up to more than 100 million years. The largest production of amber is located in the Russian city of Kaliningrad..
amberThe name of this mineral came from Lithuania. In Lithuanian amber - "Gintaras" (from "Gint" which means to protect), and the Russian name is stone-alatyr. German -  burning stone "Bernstein", akin to the Ukrainian "Burshtyn".
Amber - one of the first gems. As it is said in the manuscripts of Egypt, Baltic amber adorns the crown of Tutankhamun - an Egyptian pharaoh. Amber - the only one of the gems mentioned in the "Odyssey" by Homer, and Tacitus - the Roman historian, said that amber was brought "from the Germans country". Phoenician merchants traded amber, calling it droplets of resin, that is "Sahal". This gem played the role of money for some ancient tribes.
amber Amber fashion prevailed in ancient Rome during the time of Nero, the Emperor himself preferred the black amber. Roman tyrant sent his merchants to the North for the the Baltic amber, which was appreciated for its beauty and healing properties
The amber of cherry color was preferred in Japan and China, they called it "the blood of the dragon." Only the members of the imperial family were allowed to wear it.
amber Amber is widely used in modern medical practice. It is capable to alleviate headache and helps with angina, helps to mitigate the effects of magnetic storms and changes in pressure. Amber has an effect on the spleen, this gem is able to get rid of even toothache.
In medicine is marked Amber ability to hinder the process of destruction of red blood cells.  amber Amber is able to slow down the pathological division of cells, harmful cells die and such tumors as mastopathy, cysts, fibroids dissolve.
Amber effect on the endocrine glands and contains iodine, it is very useful in the prevention and treatment of diseases of the thyroid gland. This gem also contains iron, magnesium, calcium and zinc, as well as salts of succinic acid, which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory actions. amberIt also stimulates metabolism and the nervous system. Tiny amber is used for making of the vitamin D3 and antiseptics.
A special amber tincture is made in the Baltic, it is applied for colds, illnesses of a throat and respiratory tract. Amber mouthpiece reduces the likelihood amberof developing cancer diseases at smokers.
Fiery, orange color of amber invigorates and amuses, gives vitality and optimism. Amber helps with depression, strengthens the vitality of man, affecting the throat chakra.
amber Amber is a fire stone, which is directly related to the sun. Amber in the talismans suits for people who want to establish connection with the past, protects the owner from the persecutors and detractors. The most valuable amulet for kids - frog of amber, it brings strength and health.
Amber is a stone of health happiness and sunshine. Therefore, those who want amberto live in harmony with themselves, their bodies and others, need to get a souvenir from amber. Even a small piece of this stone illuminate with rays your life and fill it with light.

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    Jaz - 13.10.2012, 00:45
    Amber is some kind of mysterious stone. When you look at it it seems it take everything bad from your soul and left you only the best what you have.
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    Dick - 21.12.2012, 09:15
    Amazing and magical stone.