What is a polyurethane mattress


The human body is designed in such a way that it tA locale constant energy supply and recovery of strength and energy. Nature has created for us a few basic mechanisms of recovery, including basic can be considered a meal and sleep. Both the first and the second method requires the regularity and quality. If we talk about such a process, like a dream, its duration by srednestatistical standards should last about eight hours. On this basis, by simple mathematical conclusions can be determined that the person resides in a dream about a third of his life. It is natural that such a relatively long-term process requires a suitable comfort. This fact is relevant confirmation and physiological point of view, because in the process of sleep relax all the systems and tissues of the body, in particular - the spine - as a basic link skeletal and nervous systems of the body.

How to ensure a quality night's sleep

Of course, quality rest can only bein that case, when the time allotted for sleep spinal column takes a strictly natural, natural posture. Logical considerations it becomes quite clear that the usual sofa is not able to provide the necessary location of the body, creating a semi sedentary, semi-recumbent posture. Under such circumstances, the vertebrae are in directivychnoy day (working) position, hence the load, the tone can not be removed, and the systems and organs do not rest in the required volume. Implement such a principle can be using as a surface to sleep, orthopedic mattresses. One of the most innovative, effective and survivable are. They are an excellent analog for traditional onrtopedicheskih mattresses on spring blocks, also have a lower price, and therefore more attractive financially to the target audience. In fact, a polyurethane core of the mattress - it is nothing like a well-known around the foam, but more advanced. It is characterized by a great elasticity and thus enoughon the practical and aesthetic. Standard Mattress Manufacturer easily modified by adding additional layers separate springs, changing the geometry of the surface and creating the effect of the asymmetry of the sides of the mattress.

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