Modern dental implants: how to choose the prosthesis?

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Nowadays, there are many ways to Restoreanovleniya beautiful smile and correct. However, the most efficient in the world recognizes it implanted. Unfortunately, it has not gained wide popularity in Russia, and it wrongly considered to be dangerous and difficult procedures. Yes, the choice of implant – not easy, but an appeal to the professionals guarantee you enjoy yourby prosthetics.

What made implants?

For the manufacture of the root implant uses titanium. This metal is recognized as the most suitable for any type of prosthesis, because almost without exception accepted by the human body as an organic material, and so it is easy to claimrizhivaetsya bone. Titanium also has high strength, that is the key to long life. Then, set the root attached abutment (link) and the crown. These two elements are easily replaceable, allowing just in case anything happens to change the upper part without surgery.

Today suschesexists a vast number of implants differing in shape, type and material properties of the thread. It is thanks to the variety may be the most profitable investment in the event of the need for prosthetics.

How is implantation?

Like manyOther procedures, dental implants surrounded by a large number of myths. One of them – intolerable pain during surgery. In fact, just in the bone no nerve endings, so discomfort may occur only at incision and stripping gingival bone. Typically, the installation takes less than an hour and is performed under general or local, torkozom depending on the wishes of the patient.

To get started with the help of special tools shaped hole, perfectly tailored to the future prosthesis. Then the installation of a titanium root, which is plugged. Then the wound is sutured, and after one — three weeks, the doctor removes the stitches. In thosechenie few months, the implant is implanted in the tissue, and then the plug is removed, but instead one — Two weeks set healing abutment. And the final step is the installation of the abutment directly to the crown, and then the tooth is almost immediately ready for stress.

The advantages and insufficientweave dental implantation.

In the same way as all the procedures, this has a number of both advantages and disadvantages.


  • aesthetic appearance;
  • full recovery of important physiological functions;
  • setting does not hurtadjacent teeth;
  • the ability to install a fixed prosthesis.


  • a large number of contraindications.

How to choose implants?

There are many prostheses differencesand between which really is not obvious. Of course, the availability of funds is recommended to give preference to foreign-made implants. The most popular type is the screw: it has a large number of modifications and can be of two types:

  • collapsible;
  • molded (abutmentonce installed on the prosthesis).

the plate implants are used when the patient has a narrow jaw and install the screw is simply impossible.

With regard to the main indicators of quality, more expensive implants are characterized by a short waiting period. ThatThus, the high quality of the titanium alloy, the integration of bone tissue and the prosthesis occurs on average twice as fast. Moreover, clinically proven implant with a porous surface much more efficiently acclimatized.

However, experts are of the opinion that it is necessary to choose not the prosthesis, andgood dental clinic. Businesses can always find the most suitable option for you based on your preferences and desires.

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