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Buy houses in Vietnam

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Vietnam – the real highlight of Southeast Asia in terms of investment, because there are ne only beautiful nature, but also a unique culture. In addition to a high level of prosperity, attracts foreigners and the adoption of the new Housing Act, which allows them to rightfully own property, whether it is a flat, cottage or villa by the sea, since July 1, 2015

In this picturesque country not only beautiful views and surprisingtional diverse landscapes – here is well developed infrastructure and a rich history and distinctive national character will make your stay in Vietnam is not only comfortable, but also incredibly interesting and informative, enriching spiritual world.

Even if today you are interested exclusively residential, suitablee search query « » or similar, take a look at the conditions of buying an apartment or a house in Vietnam closely. Here everyone will find a cozy place for every taste – quiet and peaceful corners away from civilization, in the green hills, stepped rice fields or on the coast, as well as a lively metropolis for nriverzhentsev active life – everywhere you will meet friendly and is especially cute.  

This country is developing dynamically, and its government is largely interested in attracting new investors from around the world. And although today the tourism sector and the real estate market in Vietnam are only in the development stageI invest in resort real estate, especially under construction, are very promising.

Anyone who saw Vietnam with its stunningly beautiful landscapes and indescribably beautiful sunrises and sunsets, fall in love with this country forever. For those wishing to settle here and there are urban real estate, andHoliday accommodation options at reasonable prices, reduced almost twice today because of the crisis. Despite the fact that the market is gradually recovering, the cost of apartments and other types of housing is still very affordable.

Thus, even premium real estate will cost you much cheaper than a similar house in the neighborthese countries such as Indonesia or the Kingdom of Thailand. There are active international construction companies, as well as major hotel chains, which are building more and more new, affordable and very comfortable apartments and luxury villas.

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