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Magazine - this is one of the most running to date publications.Compared, say, with the same newspaper, magazine today has the status of a glossy publication, that is, one which covers the events of the world of fashion, culture, art style, politics, business etc. and definitely creates views, behavior and lifestyles. Naturally, another hallmark of this kind of publications is Glyantsevthe first type of paper to be printed. By the way, in Moscow and St. Petersburg offers typography « Roliks & raquo ;. Based on the volume of the journal, the quality of information, and most importantly, the materials and the type of printing depends on the competitiveness and stable demand. We should not lose sight of the fact that the number of pages, color printingminute and a choice of glossy thick paper directly affect the cost of the final journal, and therefore form a specific target audience. Hold it is necessary, as mentioned above, and by content, and by selecting the type of print quality. Generally, any printing process log terms printing (i.e. ecTh, technology) can be characterized by the following main items:

  • Print type selection process. Depends primarily on the circulation of publication, but as a rule, is the process of the blanket type. In the case of small runs offset sheet is used, and in the case of large - standard roller;
  • The format of the page. Use any format from B7 to A3, but the most widely used magazines in A4 format;
  • The number of bands. The principle of multiplicity eight;
  • type of paper. Different paper for the cover (laminated with a densityyu up to 350 g / sq m.) and for the internal pages (density up to 45 g / m sq.);
  • Vibrance;
  • Type stitching;
  • post-press finishing.

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