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< p style = "text-align: left;"> The world of animation is one of the most exciting and kind of art in the world. The concept of the cartoon is inextricablyRelated with children of the world, ie the world of kindness, spiritual purity and genuine sincerity of feelings. World of Childhood - a vast fantasy world that encourage the little audience and literally spills out in cartoon production. Naturally, the world of fantasy - it's quite a springboard for the development of the genre and diversity sujetComrade. Modern cartoons - is an absolute reflection of the contemporary digital world. It had long been the ones to draw "Well, wait a minute," etc. Modern cartoon - is the product of computer animation art, opening unprecedented opportunities as pictures, effects, time of preparation. Animated films of the pastx two years long gone beyond purely child, a good phenomenon and quite seriously claim to obtain the most valuable and prestigious awards cinema - Oscar and Golden Globe. Cartoon and Animation 2013 and 2014 strikes an original storyline, vivid memorable characters, beautiful music world level, incrediblespecial effects. By the way, you can see on the site of cartoons and fairy tales: These cartoons will be equally exciting for both the child and for the adult audience. Among the most impressive and popular animation (animation) works in 2013 can distinguish "Cold Heart," "Walking with Dinosaurs 3D", "Ivan caRevich and the Gray Wolf 2 "," Belka and Strelka. "In 2014, this can be safely attributed cartoons" Lego. Film, "" Rio 2 "," How to Train Your Dragon 2 "," Planes: Fire and Water "," Asterix: Land of the Gods ", and so on. D.

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