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The development of communication systems and digital, computer technology has resulted into the fact that modern mobile phones or, as they are called now, smartphones - it is not a simple device for mobile communications, a handheld computer with stunning features. Such opportunities opened up by the architecture and logic similar to the logic of the device and desktop PC. Y withTERM smartphones have their own processors, storage devices, memory, and of course - the operating system. In fact, every major manufacturer of portable gadgets is trying to create its own unique operating system that would more fully reveal the possibilities of hardware equipment. For example, the Corp.orations Apple - it's iOS, from Samsung - bada, from Nokia - Symbian OS, from Google - Android. Latest Operating System, is one of the most common, versatile operating system in the world. Naturally, it is developed under a lot of applications that extend the capabilities and scope of gadgets. One of these areas can be considered uniquely gamesoic leisure. Games for Android - is as popular and diverse as for conventional PCs. By the way, you can. Feature gameplay on Android is the use of technology Google Play games that are part of the virtual store applications Google Play. It is a powerful, modern, cloud service, which is an opportunitysingle or multiplayer, achievements and saved games.

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