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The development of digital technologies inevitably leads to the fact that some of the usual areasactivity goes into a virtual plane. It also stipulates the creation of entirely new forms of familiar activities that stand out in a separate, self-sufficient industry. The most striking example of this influence of advanced technology is the sphere of computer games. It is constantly evolving, creating new genres and improving thosenology construction. One of the newest trends in the creation and organization of the game, is to use a network of Internet technologies - the so-called range of online games. Particular attention is drawn to this kind of online games as the game client, combining in one game during the tens, hundreds, or even thousands of users all over the mIl. Most of the most popular games in this genre (eg, Lineage), takes players into the world of fantasy, inhabited by characters known to all - the elves, humans, dwarves, orcs, wizards, and so on.. All this is certainly interesting and exciting, but at some point it becomes bored by the monotony of such a selection of characters. An entirely different articleihiyu offers online game Dark Age:, storyline, which is built on the confrontation between two powerful clans - vampires and werewolves. Such a fundamentally new system of selection of characters is attracting more online gaming fans around the world. Each of the races present in the game has its own unique set of characteristics,character classes, opportunities. The game is replete with a huge number of jobs, military equipment, rather large-scale battles, that is all that guarantees a fascinating pastime.

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