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Have your own house or cottage - is the dream of every person. In our time, it isnow a very popular phenomenon in the market, as it would be desirable to have a house, not the same as everyone else. Ideally, in this regard, the project at home - is the embodiment of man's desires into reality. resulting in savings of time and materials. If the site has already been selected, and there are opportunities to begin construction then follow the following items:

  1. The first thing - it will be a sketch, it includes a number of things, such as planting houses, buildings in other areas, wind direction, roads, placing other buildings (garage, septic tank, sauna, well barn);
  2. The internal layout, which consists of taking into account the number of residents, the number offloors and most basic elements (kitchen, living room, bedrooms, balconies, terraces, verandas);
  3. facades, finishing materials and form of the roof.

As a result, we get a plan with furniture, decoration materials, color forms, windows, ceiling heights, lifting Lestnitsy, the scheme of the general plan, and so on. n.

In the design phase, we meet with such necessary moments as the delivery of materials, structures, design of water supply, connection to the well, heating, ventilation, electricity. As a result, we get a working draft, which includes all of Strawitelnye solutions (master plan with binding, sections with specific parts, foundation, Solid ceiling, floor plans).

It is very important to have supervision of construction. Should always follow the design decisions, the author of the project should be on a construction site, for all to follow, to allow different divisions. AndThat will have the desired result, quality and design a beautiful and comfortable home of the future.

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