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The territorial area of ??the big cities, megapolisov usually taken to limit roundabout (detour) motorways. In the case of Moscow, this role MKAD (Moscow Ring Road). That may be so, but in the case of the capital of our country, but rather its expansion project actually started in 2012, the territory that is now accepted calledyvat New or Greater Moscow increased by almost 2.5 times. That is, in fact, abroad MKAD is about 1.5 of the original territory of the city. One of these new areas, which, although it is actually part of the Western District (located in the city, within the Moscow Ring Road), but geographically located has its feature is Solncevo. ICHistorically, it was established almost twenty years on the basis of the then city Solncevo. By the way, see and buy property in Solntsevo, please visit:. Today, in a general way to expand the territories Solncevo occupies one of the most advantageous position in terms of the development and expansion of the sector renting and buying residential real estate. This odbstvuyut specific circumstances:

  • First, it is built upon a meringue existing urban education which organized all the necessary infrastructure solutions (roads, educational, scientific, commercial, industrial, financial institutions, and children's playgrounds etc.);
  • Second, the district has an extremely advantageous geographical location, being in close proximity to the ring the ring road, making it easy to plan their transport movement;
  • Third, the district occupies an intermediate position between actually disbursed partMoscow and its new territories, which are larger, but much smaller number of residents. This should contribute to a stable flow of people, and therefore, stable demand for rental and purchase of property.

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