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So it is objectively the case that each new stage of human development, withccompanied completely new approach to the implementation of similar tasks. For example, even 10-20 years ago, any advertising campaign could be possible, provided its location on one of the media (television, radio, newspapers and so on. N.). Either of these methods is limited airtime and technique training. To solve this problemit can be through the Internet, because it will not only get away from the constraints of time (broadcast becomes virtually round the clock), speed and a variety of training material and, in addition, makes it possible to make good money. The latter possibility is opened through the use of a personal site as an advertising platform (fullyor partially). The second, that is, in part, the approach makes it possible to combine the use of their site for their own purposes and for placement. As a rule, this is possible in one of the following methods: : placement of banners, textual or contextual advertising block . Naturally, in order to bring advertisingprofit, the site must have steady traffic. And this is, in turn, means that the site should have a unique and interesting content, in addition to the required or are in high demand in the community (target audience sites) subjects (cars, tourism, events, culture, sports, and so on. N. ).

Search potentialscial advertisers can either alone (on specialized discussion forums, social networks and so on. n.) or through advertising exchanges (Rotaban, PingMedia).

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