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The man has a sense of nature and the desire for individualization and samoidentification. Naturally, this process is accompanied by the presence or formation of a specific identifier. A similar role in the world, most often rewarded with a flag. It would seem, well, that's so simple piece of cloth with printed image, but not so trite and simple as it seems at first glance. This piece of matter is able to administer the GrandNRIs case, it is capable of unthinkable way to rally people together, make them truly powerful, well-organized, ideologically homogeneous team. By the way, to buy all kinds of high quality can be in the company of "FLAGS OF WORLD CLASS". The flag, as a way of self-identification, so firmly entrenched in our everyday life, that its application is greatkticheski at all levels of social and political system. In this connection, it is possible even to form a mechanism classification flags based on the areas of application.

Classification flags:

  • National flags, regional . This is the group of flags that are one ands symbols of the state, nation, nationality, region. This could include the following types of flags, as a state, national (for example, Basque, Catalan), regional (AO flags, federal regions, provinces, cities, etc.);
  • Flags military . This is the group of flags that unites his faithfulfrom military duty people (soldiers). In terms of the structure of any army in the world, each military unit, starting with the Ministry of Defence, arms, shells and ending ordinary military units. There are quite a lot of them, both in form and name (standard, banner, pennant, paneer, banner, battle flag, etc.);
  • Sports flags . indicates a single team, sports clubs, sports federations;
  • Corporate flags . One of the elements of the identity of the individual enterprise (group), an element of corporate identity, implemented in different shapes and sizes;
  • Advertising flags, campaign . The group of flags that could be attributed to the previous group, but they perform a specific function of advertising.

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