Crashed into a metal door lock


The door is one of the main elements of any building, Be it a house or premises, as through it organized demarcation of areas and access to the premises. As a rule, all the doors are divided into two broad classes: interior and exterior. First, besides organizational functions largely function as a decorative, forming together with the design of the overall space stylisticcal ensemble. Entrance to the doors play a security function, at the same time organizing access, for example, in an apartment, and limiting it to outsiders. Naturally, the characteristics of such doors increased requirements as to the materials and construction and the quality of the locking mechanism. If before, say, 20 years ago, yet the sune door, without exception, were made of wood, but today when choosing a front door more and more attention is drawn to the metal doors. Here, as in the case of a wooden door will have to carry out an operation such as the way in Moscow this operation will help to implement the company "Castles-Service". It is critically necessary operation, even ifyou buy a house with an already installed door lock and the presence of:

  • First of all, it will save you from possible penetration using old keys (do not know whether all the keys you gave the previous owner, and where they can get);
  • Second, the lock can be with supplied to the door, which is almost one hundred percent of Budat mean that the lock is cheap, extremely poor quality in terms of reliability and privacy. Therefore, the best option may be a tie-new, high-quality and proven castle.

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