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The man, whether male or female, postoyanno strive for individual style, whose purpose - to somehow effectively stand out from the rest. Due to the fact that during the day a person can stay in several different in official status, media communication. Naturally, each of these cases requires a separate style wardrobe. For example, the official style in men MANDATORYnom procedure involves the use of trouser suit, which is combined with an element of the dress code as a tie. If you need to create an elegant style, instead of the traditional tie, bow tie is used. In contrast to conventional (in this sense) long tie that has a node on the one hand, the butterflyhas a node in the middle of the main blade, which is fastened asymmetrically on both sides, as if forming the wings of a butterfly. Node, which today often tied butterfly appearance and shape of a knot lacing shoes. In its classic form, the butterfly consists of a long piece of fabric that you want to tie yourself by giving it tosta- tion form. Nevertheless, modern butterfly at the grassroots level are sold ready-made ("tied"). As a rule, these butterflies sewn on site, with an adjustable rear buckle, making it easy to adapt to any size of your neck. The material used for manufacturing butterfly virtually any tissue, but in most casesFor this purpose, silk, cotton or polyester fabric. The color scheme of butterflies neckties very rich: from the traditional black and white finishes color: red and blue. By the way, if you need it can be in the online shop "Gofin".

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