The main types of industrial air conditioning systems

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The climate of the planet is differentiated by latitude and characterized by the definitiondivided by the ratio of moisture-temperature factors that determine such things as seasons. Depending on the climate is changing the composition of flora and fauna, as living organisms react differently to the same conditions. Such entry is necessary in terms of understanding the environment in which to live and work man.The state establishes certain health standards, which should ensure a comfortable stay in the workplace or in the living room person (or group of people) at any time of the year. Simply put, in the summer - to be cool, and in winter - warm. In the case of, for example, large public and industrial facilities for the effective maintenancelimaticheskih conditions is possible only if the operation of industrial air conditioning systems. By the way, you can buy an industrial air conditioning here:. Depending on the class of object may require either a centralized or maintain climatic zonal levels. In this regard, at the professional level operates four waspsmain types of industrial air conditioning systems:

  • Zone System . Used when necessary to create a microclimate in large-volume buildings. Performed in the cassette, duct, ceiling or wall form factors;
  • Systems based chillers . The cooling system, which creates the necessary climate, due to the cooling water;
  • fan coil systems . Convective heat exchanger, in which as the base coolant is water. Can work in tandem with the chillers;
  • Central air conditioning systems . Effective cooling system for public spaces (theaters, sports grounds, exhibition centers).

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