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It's not, I think the secret of the fact that KiTai holds a leading position in the world in terms of export of diverse products in the rest of the world. Particularly acute issue is in the former Soviet Union, especially Ukraine, Russia, where the product due to the low price captivated virtually all areas of the market, starting from the smallest detail to serious products, such as cars. The naturaltively, such a low price often leads to the fact that the quality of these products not only wants the best, and sometimes even willing to at least some money. That is why, in the people and there is a perception "of all Chinese." But this is only partly true, because even the Chinese products is completely different in quality. Here it all depends on the importer, eatss intermediary who sells these products in the domestic market. For one, the cornerstone can be put maximum revenue and volume shipments, and quality is given low priority (because the Chinese did). Another importer may pay more attention to product quality, to establish stable supply chain verifiedsuppliers. In this respect the choice of the supply chain, there are two basic options:

  • Delivery directly from the manufacturer . This principle should provide a lower price due to the lack of intermediary organizations;
  • Supply through to largeMpano intermediary . This option may be more expensive, but most of these companies are quite serious about the quality of products, in order to preserve the reputation.

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