What is the myocardium

< p style = "text-align: left;"> Today's society, in spite of the highest technological and scientific level, it is also a hostage in medicinecal plane. Achieving and maintaining a similar level of development, due to changes in the usual (from a physiological point of view) way of life, and therefore, development and enormous spread of diseases, especially cardiovascular system. Heart as the main circulating pump body primarily suffering from such naplevateltion attitude. Such common problems as coronary artery disease and   Clinical - myocardial infarction, - is the cause of the greatest number of deaths in the world. Its development is caused by insufficient blood supply to the heart muscle - the myocardium - resulting in necrosis develops them. And what we tell the myocardiumAfanasiev AN - Editor medical portal rism.ru, where you can read a very interesting and informative.

The myocardium

In the overall structure of the heart muscle, the myocardium occupies a middle position, being the middle layer, but at the same time, the main component of massoobrazuyuschim. Bava infarction - striated heart muscle, which in turn consists of a fairly dense cluster of specific muscle cells - cardiomyocytes. It is at the level of histology is fundamentally different from other types of muscles of the body (common skeletal muscle). This structure significantly accelerates and facilitates the transfer potential betweenin individual cells. As a consequence, there is a major and unique myocardial tissue - ability to create and implement rhythmic movements (contractions) of the heart .

This is a continuous process throughout the life of the body and provides the necessary pressure drop to normal circulationblood in the body.

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