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The woman is the beautiful half of humanity, bringing to mind the daily mnogomillionnuyu second male half. This is quite a complicated process and the ability to be beautiful, which requires a daily commitment and a lot of work. In this regard, the preparation of a spectacular female hairstyle is one of the leading places in the overall strategy. And what are women's hairstyles Elena tells us - a female author of the blog:. Atthe present level of technology hairdressers have in their arsenal a lot of instruments, consumables, tools and techniques to achieve an unforgettable, unique result. When choosing the type of female hair styles, it is important to consider not only the stylistic rules and regulations, but also the general type woman, her anthropometric, physiologicalfeatures (shape of the face and body). All haircuts used for women can be divided by the length (long, medium and short hair) and form. The last criterion is particularly noteworthy because through properly chosen hairstyle, its form and content, it is possible to practice the process of correction of style, affect the proportionsperson, hide the existing defects or vice versa increased emphasis on its benefits, advantages. In addition to the classic versions, modern women are actively using other, more nouveau types of haircuts. In general, all women's haircuts in form and technique of execution can be divided into the following groups:

  • classic hairstyle . They are the most convenient in installation and sufficiently versatile and blends perfectly with any business and casual style;
  • Haircuts with ragged strands . Option simulation classic cuts by changing the individual strands;
  • Cascading hairstyle . The characteristic feature of this group of haircuts is smooth or jagged transition from the neck hair shorter to the longer side;
  • Asymmetrical haircuts . A feature of this group is completely different in the combination of the oddswe and technology.

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