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The duality and separation of duties inherent in the humanold, are also characteristic for the majority of living species. Because in addition to the purely physiological needs and responsibilities, there mestoprekrasnomu. And if, for example, a man in the family, in the cell of society is earner, that is, in fact, performs a practical function, the woman on the contrary is the standard of beauty. In addition to his, some nVirtually responsibility for the maintenance of cleanliness and comfort in the home, she is the bearer of the aesthetic principle of man, his beautiful, gentle half. That is why women spend so much effort on a daily basis in order to look the part, inimitably, sexy and always be cherished. In our view woman looks at the beautiful figureurnom dress (business or evening), emphasizes its refined chiselled figure, high heels, jewelry and a sneotrazimym, spectacular train aromataparfyumov expensive. But all this ideal from time to time, the woman he sootvetstvuetna hundred percent. However, it is not necessary to be a woman, to include logic to understand that for a long time about thisjust to survive is not possible. The explanation is quite simple - all these things are certainly beautiful and irresistible, can not provide the natural position of all parts of the body, sufficient ventilation of the skin, which will undoubtedly lead to increased fatigue. Under such conditions, most of the time a woman should wear shoes andclothing that does not restrict movement and supports the normal position of body parts. As it is known, is the most convenient sports shoes and clothing (eg, sports suits). But tracksuit and sneakers are not always appropriate for dress code. If you think that this is a remote corner, that are deeply mistaken. Modern fashionable reflectionsl makes it easy to combine aesthetics and comfort in the so-called sports dresses:. For him, in principle, is characterized by elegance, aesthetics typical dress and comfort, freedom of movement, sportswear. This dress is sewn on the free, in principle, cut, with the use of lightweight materials. Their design should allow its owner to easily AppUse This Criterion presence of various pockets inserts. It combines easily with any vidomodezhdy and shoes.

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