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We somehow got used to the fact that it was a woman, as a representative of a great pologuilt of humanity and is the subject of an enthusiastic desire on the part of men should look perfect, as required by the ideal of beauty. This automatically implies the need for cosmetics and perfumes to create the most memorable, seductive image, as well as highlight and reinforce it with a sensual and original apomat. Of course, it costs a lot of effort, and daily, so our dear young lady, who so painstakingly led myself up, quite reasonably required to rely on an appropriate attitude on the part of men. After all, if a woman has to enchant, the man must conquer it, and it is quite difficult to do when away ngasp, at best, purely washed leather or scented soaps. Modern cosmetic industry and its component parts - perfumes, in this respect, the man pulled a helping hand in the form of irresistible fragrance. Manufacturers have been searching for a scent that would reflect the essence of man, his strengths (persistence, stamina, strength) and found it in arOmata nature - the aroma of wood. Aroma fully expresses the power and strength of nature, its elements. This results in a flavor that is reminiscent of the Canadian wilderness forests, circling in the air the smell of pine needles, which is perfectly mixed in a common chord with fresh amber and musk. The aroma is also clearly felt notes of cedar, fir, vetiver, violets. Atfind

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