The education system in England

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The education system in England is one of the mostold, but at the same time and most respected in the world. No wonder, here are some of the world's most prestigious universities - Oxford and Cambridge, and it is worth remembering the famous twin. The whole education system is quite well thought out, to organize a harmonious chain, starting with primary classes and finishingGraduate School. One of the features of primary and secondary education in England is its division into public and private sectors. And, as practice shows, student achievement and graduates of private schools is radically different for the better, compared with schools of public type. This performance is in the first ochered, much higher standards of education, compared to public schools, as well as the need to support them, in view of ongoing reporting, including financial, for the work done. In addition, there is another feature of the educational process in England, which is common enough - it are separateFirst learning process. Widely practiced separately functioning of schools for girls and boys. This approach allows us to more fully develop the necessary qualities of intellectual and human terms. This approach eliminates such an important distraction, as the presence of the opposite sex. Furthermore, this form ofbrazovatelnogo process allows to realize their leadership and team qualities to become more strong and purposeful person. By the way, to choose a school for training in England, please visit the company « Alpha Capital Education & raquo ;:

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