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Everyone wants to be good parents totheir child. But being a good parent - is not only the approval of relatives and friends. It means to grow their own, highly moral person.

There are some common misconceptions that may interfere in achieving this goal. Each brings up children as it seems right,or even referring to the different methods, and in the worst case — to the advice of friends. Sure, you should know that it may adversely affect the development of the personality of your child.

If parents believe physical punishment an effective way to influence - but the constant violence always results fromvetnomu aggressive behavior, and even psychological damage.

It is important to always feel a measure . This does not mean that you grow selfish and spoiled child, showing him emotions. Never refuse a child in their participation and support, so that it needs. If you are consideringete that you do not have time for this, it can seriously affect your parental authority. However, just remember that excessive care and a complete absence of any restrictions will inevitably lead to spoiled that will harm not only to you but also to others. And it is you have to teach the child behavior not only at home but also in abschestve. It is important that the child has developed an appropriate response to the word "no". If we repeat this word too often, the child will simply cease to perceive it, or vice versa, will be afraid to do anything on their own out of fear that he will be punished, and never learn to be independent. Define clear 3-4 basic prohibitionIt is better if the child will meet their needs in the knowledge under your supervision, than the parent back.

How long have patience . Only the sequence of training will help achieve the desired educational effect. When parents can not stand the psychological pressure pebenka slowly beginning to yield to it, it will always use it.

It can be concluded that the main - this or that extreme. Try to avoid this, learn to find the so-called "sweet spot". After all, not only raise children full responsibility and concern for his health but also the cordely daily work.

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