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Throughout his life, man continuedzhaet accumulate knowledge and skills (not necessarily in the literal sense of the word - in the learning process), which are fully reflected in its further action is reflected in our mind, character and reflexes. One of these acquired skills is a person's handwriting. He is a highly individual skills of each person, the same Uniquecial, such as a fingerprint. At the heart of the handwriting of any person on the system motion of the hand and fingers, which in turn depends on the characteristics of the so-called writing-motor skill. Formation of this complex whole subconscious movements has both subjective and objective (environmental effects) procesylki. Despite the fact that, in general, the number of manuscripts greatly reduced in recent years (for objective reasons, the transition to digital printed text), but a certain category of business documents, such as statements, explanatory notes, open letters, etc. continue to be used in manuscript form. In addition, any dogoIntercoms obligation of cooperation between the parties necessarily held together in the form of the contract, which, though issued in printed form, but assumes its certification signed by hand. In any of these elements of the legal field are possible counterfeiting, including the counterfeiting of texts and signatures. To establish such misconduct Execuzuetsya. She is one of the sections of Forensic Sciences, and examines characteristics of the above writing-motor reflex. In order to study the process to establish the nature and ownership of handwriting handwriting must in each case have some unique hallmark. So whatit tells us the hell Vasiliev KA - employee MTSEO (interregional and evaluation). Are the main features, no doubt, are:

  • individual style (features that are inherent to different persons);
  • dynamic stability handwriting (stability and forms of action);
  • variation (the body's response to external factors).

In the list of the main tasks of expert handwriting analysis include:

  • the definition of the individual author's handwriting;
  • comparison of different forms of text in order to identify individuals who wrote them;
  • authentication such a subjective definition of the text as the signature.

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