What to look for when buying an apartment

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Hardly anyone manages to make a pokuPKU often because of its high cost and monumentality. Having the required amount or planning to take out a mortgage, consumers tend to choose first, quickly place the missing documents. Having studied legal advice on real estate forums and friends working in the real estate companies, summarize the information received, the toiletyn it in importance.

Check documents on private property

Originally rigorous testing and examination of the proposed documents are subjected to private property. At this stage it is better to connect an experienced lawyer for the transaction of this subject, because of the surfaceabsence of complications later may reveal unpleasant nuances not written down underage parties to the transaction, and others. If you wish to buy a new building should carefully check the documents of the developer and his reputation.

Communicating with neighbors

In the case of secondary segmentsthat the market should be independently communicate with future neighbors and ask them for information about whether there are problems with the supply of water to the floor of trouble with neighbors in the riser, heating, sanitation. The neighbors have to ask about the development of the infrastructure: are there close to medical facilities, shops, cinemas, educationals institutions and public transport.

Status entrance

Status entrance is also very important to say about the social status of residents. If the input has a compartment for the concierge and stairwells are decorated with flowers, it shows the high status of the residents. Ifentrance stoned near mucoroprovoda there uncollected garbage, and near the mailboxes beer bottles lying around and cigarettes, it is certainly a work area.

Around Yards

Around yard area is also important for an evening stroll with their families, the presence ofeat green vegetation and the presence of a number of noisy entertainment. If you own a car, be sure to check the availability of parking and the number of available cars in the yard.

Home Inspection

The available information about the neighbors, porch and yard territorii can jot down in a notebook so if you have questions you can specify all realtors. Do not be amiss to inspect the house itself, drawing attention to the presence of gaps in the seams of floor, stains, then verifying the absence of mold in problem areas. Particular attention is required angular apartments and housingthe last floors. To do this, ask to push off the wall furniture, look under the wallpaper and look closely at the decoration of the ceiling. It for any fresh stains whitewash from heavy rains.

Checking Communications

Check and work available in the apartment Communications. Look into the bathroom and see whether stains around the toilet, open the locker and check for water shutoff valves in working order. Go to the kitchen and bathroom and check the drain under the sink and the bathroom, well if water flows and there are no blockages. Ask wiring and the number of available sources of pitation.

If you are satisfied satisfied with everything, safely give to the work of gathering documents and transfer them for registration of ownership to you.

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