It is better to choose a tablet or a laptop?

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It is not always possible to figure out in pursuit of the young Mr.ovinkami that would be worth buying modern normal user:? Which is preferable? After all, he and the other may be required at any time! Still, in this article we will help you decide what is still better, laptop or tablet.

dignity tablet

We will start with a comparison of the laptop and PlancheETA in different fields of application. As an e-reader tablet undoubtedly fit. Pretty large screen and long battery charge will allow you to read their books sooo long! Yes, and on-time tablet much faster even the fastest computer! One push and you can begin surfing internETA or view the next blockbuster.

Such a performance in tablets due to the fact that they are working on an operating system designed specifically for tablets, for example, all the known Apple iOS, which runs the new tablet   iPad 5 Air   and Google Android, which works   new tablet google nexus July 2013 review   which can also be read on the techno portal. If you take the tablet similar to the previous one, but on Windows 7, I do not think that his performance will impress you.

In addition, it is worth considering that the tablet is much more convenient to use on a trip, and the businessx meetings or meetings that will certainly accentuate your refined style and business status.

The advantages of a laptop

Now that I think should show all the same, why the laptop is better tablet. The first, and I think most importantly – is the lack of a full keyboard in a tablet (in its normal form), so withlaptop, you can quickly and with great convenience to print or edit a particular document. For example, we recently announced Laptop     which is already on the   techno portal Khipo , the keyboard is so convenient that it is possible for the working day and night. In the tablet has a keyboard, but for the setGIH it is not convenient, not everyone is like typing directly on the screen.

Also, it is worth noting that the tablets are not suitable for solving complex problems, such as the same or photoshop 3d max, all sorts of video editors and other labor-intensive program. That negates all the advantages of a tablet.

Despite the bulky pazmery, the laptop has a large screen that allows you to view the same movie with a lot more comfort, if on a small plate.

To summarize, we can say that if you are planning to purchase one of these devices is to start is to decide what is important to you or performance and compactness multizadachnost. I would advise to do so: for work – only a laptop, as only he can, without difficulty and problems, make the required minimum for business and for fun surfing the internet on a couch, reading a book and just for fun – tablet. Ideally, of course, better to have both, but ratherit all, not everyone can afford such waste. So on the basis of the above, you will now be much easier to make your choice, do it right! But this is just my opinion, but then how do you decide for yourself.

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