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Testing of food products

Test center of food raw materials and food products functioning since 1992. The center has a lot of experience in testing food products, of catering food products, different food, toys and other products.
laboratoryThe laboratory is accredited to carry out these types of tests:
- Identification of toxic elements (arsenic, lead, cadmium, mercury), using the methods of stripping voltammetry and atomic absorption,
- Identification of of polychlorinated biphenyls and pesticides, using the method of gas chromatography,
- Detection of mycotoxins, using the methods of liquid and thin-layer chromatography,
- Identification of other physical and chemical parameters that characterize the quality of the products - protein, fat, sugar, alkalinity, acidity, etc.
Additionally laboratory is engaged in testing of liquor and wine products for compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Sale of standards

Sale of standardsToday the sale of standards is very popular, it can be carried out directly or through various online shops.
Why do we need standards?
- As the procedure is unified, so you can get a unified result that will give consistent quality,
- As the standards are the result of a study of the best ways, so the result can be cost-effective operation
- As the standards generalize personal experience, so you can get the best knowledge and experience,
- The price of the company - it's not just the price of assets, but also the price of intangible assets, so as a result of the presence of competent standards increases the cost of the company,
- Because there is a standard, it is possible to achieve objectivity in the work evaluation of the subdivisions and their staff.

Implementation of certification in the workplace

Such attestation is conducted by various companies and organizations, regardless of economic management, ownership, equipment, materials, raw materials, which may be potential sources of hazards that affect the health of workers.
attestationThe main purpose of attestation is to ensure the implementation of government policy, concerning the social protection of workers, who are engaged in work places with harmful to human health conditions.
Legal Force can only have the attestations, which were performed by specialized, accredited institutions by the Ministry of Public Health and State Standard.

Accreditation of services / attestation of laboratories

Accreditation is the process by which a service or laboratory receives confirmation of compliance to a certain standard of quality of the services that they offer.

accreditationDuring the accreditation of laboratories is used ISO/MEK17025 standard. The activities of bodies which accredit laboratories is regulated by ISO/MEK17011 standard.

Accreditation procedure is conducted by these principles:
- A voluntary agreement - accredited only those laboratories, which want this themselves,
- Independence - the bodies that accredit, should not have common interests with accredited laboratories,
- Competence - the bodies that accredit, must be checked by special bodies for compliance of their competence,
- Availability - accreditation must be carried out by public rules, while for all laboratories must be applied the same requirements.
If the outcome is positive, the laboratory receives accreditation certificate as proof of compliance with all the requirements of ISO/MEK17025. Function to accredit is entrusted on the Federal Service on accreditation. Accreditation is also held by a variety of non-governmental and accreditation bodies.

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