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Tel Aviv University TAU Israel is a country of not frightened talents. Sometimes it seems that the Jews laugh at neighboring states, bringing to the public  only a fraction of business processes that have found application in Israel. No wonder, since most of them have graduated the famous Tel Aviv University (TAU), one of the most unique educational institutions around the world.

Tel Aviv University TAUInterestingly, there is no the official date of foundation of this university. Attempt to bring together separate Jewish institutions began in 1953, but University Administration resist this state of affairs. Many institutions such as the School of law and economics, unilaterally began to urgently receive status of university and carefully guard their sovereignty. Thus, they have a sign " Tel Aviv University", but there was no actually functioning well organized structure. Jerusalem at all began to assert that the school in Tel Aviv is not needed, education in Israel can be found in other places. Of course, since this economic capital in full step on the toes of historical center, the emergence of the University could strengthen its position in society.

Tel Aviv IsraelBut the mayor of Tel Aviv Mordechai Namir decided to put an end to these disagreements, so in 1964, some Jewish schools have agreed to work as part of the Tel Aviv University,  although the State Higher Education Council of Israel was able to recognize it as independent institution of higher education only in 1969. By the way, that's when the university got a computer and an electron microscope. It is ridiculous to think that once studying in TAU, lined up to work with these technical devices. Today, half of the world's inventions in the field of cybernetics and information technology belongs either to students or graduates of the Tel-Aviv University. That only stands the map of the World Wide Web, created by Jewish experts!

Tel Aviv University TAUThe first rector of educational institutionhas become a famous intellectual George Weiss. A talented entrepreneur, he was able to develop the potential of the university to an unprecedented level. Today, lecturers and students with respect remember this extraordinary person, and University Observatory at all is named after Weiss and his wife. Perhaps the rector would have enjoyed this idea. After all an observation deck is located near the Ramon Crater in the wonderful deserted place, beautiful and convenient for observation. Almost 250 nights a year here is a clear cloudless sky! Jewish scholars through this observatory were able to open about 50 asteroids and discover sulfur and sodium clouds around Jupiter.

Tel Aviv University TAUHowever, despite the success in the classical science, TAU, mainly produces talented managers which will get a wage in order higher, that wage which will get the former students of other universities. Over a third of CEOs and senior executives of leading Israeli companies have graduated this university, and approximately 40 graduates entered in the hundred most influential people of Israel.  Tel Aviv University TAUPerhaps this is due to the fact that teachers of TAU teach their students to think globally, well beyond of the subject. To this has greatly contributed the introduction in the training course of disciplines, little associated with high school science. For example, in 2011, on the philosophy faculty you could take the course "New Age and Judaism," of the popular blogger and Buddhist Tel Aviv University TAUTomer Persico, who plans to soon defend his doctoral dissertation on the topic: " Jewish meditation."

So you can say with confidence that the education in Israel has become a world brand only because a non-standard training technologies of Tel Aviv University.

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    Semmi - 2.01.2013, 23:28
    Hebrews rule the world so i think their education seems to be great.