Levels of proficiency in English


The ability to communicate in English is not measured « absolute knowledgeiem » and « absolute ignorance & raquo ;. Between these concepts, there are levels, depending on the number of acquired skills of speech and learned words. And what are the same degree of ownership? This is what we now tell you.

The levels of proficiency in English

Depending on the performance of ownership Navykami reading, speech understanding, correct sentence structure and the number of known words emit 12 steps .

0 – Zero (or start). Means that the student is not familiar with foreign designs, does not know the words or the alphabet.

1 –2 – Elementary and higher elementary. The student knows some phrases, some of the rules of grammar and can understand texts everyday topics. Usually learning English   in high school can give a similar result.

3 – Below average. The student understands it (as written,and oral) and speaks in English. Vocabulary is just over 1,500 words.

4 – Average. Since this dish at all like the title, namely -   the average. &Ndash; actually quite a good indicator. To reach it, you must go to school in-depth study of foreign speechor take special courses (eg, Say Yes).

5 – 6 – Above average. With this value begins functional knowledge, ie a minimum in order to enroll in the English-speaking college or get a job in a foreign company. All stages are separated by at least 48 hours andLearn the, that is so much time to spend on the practice of speech transition from one stage to another.

7 – 9 – Advanced. Shareholding of foreign speech as easily as a native. Number of words in the vocabulary – from 4 to 6000.

10 – 12 – It's almost perfect knowledge. The student can communicate freely on any topic, to understand speech without assistance and in a variety of situations. In order to achieve this degree will require a lot of practice and go full   speaking course and even better, if classes will be a carrier. This will help teachXia understand different accents and dialects.

In order to determine the extent of foreign language there are international exams, after successful completion of which is issued supporting documents. If you want to enroll in the University of Oxford, you will need to pass IELTS (International English Language Testing System), received at least 7.5 points, or iBTOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) with a score of 100 points (for online testing). This corresponds to a level of 10 – 12.

Test of English language skills

Before learning courses need to know how strong your EnglishYi. Usually a person thinks that he knows nothing, and everything he learned in school, completely forgotten. In fact, it does not mean that learning should begin with a zero phase, as the repetition of basic concepts (of the alphabet, the most common words) will lead to wasted time and money. That is why it is so important to go English testing. You can pass such a test in the school   Say Yes, which is located in Moscow. And you can appreciate the quality of learning and teaching methods. And on this same lesson tested .

If your plans shouldaim to further improve your language skills, the school Say Yes to offer you training in English conversation courses : You will be able to continue their education with for your language level.

Learn, practice and perfection. Training courses SayYes bring you closer to your dream .

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