What to give your child for the New Year?


There was a rental, which is expected to approach boee than allotsalnyh combined. One of these events in the post-New Godnev certainly a triumph. Only Imagine yourself these ideal conditions: cold outside and a lot of creaking snow, and the house is warm, cozy, clean and on festive decorated with toys, garlands, lights. Festive table was breaking from evident and treatings on TV are favorite new TV programs fit. At the designated place is festive, bright new fit beauty tree (although it may be pine, actually it does not matter). On the branches hanging toys, lots of toys, a variety of large and small, and not very bright. The whole tree is lit with colored lights and its fresh aromaneedles fills the house and creates an atmosphere of calm and anticipation. And under the tree, the one for which we childhood love this holiday, -. Looks like a wonderful new tale fit, is not it? I do not know how there in a foreign tradition, but we have this fascinating and long-awaited moment (with gifts) occurs, usually the next morning, and was waiting for him boproc eed anything else your rebyatnya. This can not even doubt - it is worth remembering himself at that age. At a time when adults see umpteenth sleep or suffer from a hangover the morning, children can not for a moment doubt stand early in the morning in search of a long-awaited gift. What can there be a dream, if the expected time of the whole year! Is There,it is important to meet the expectations of the child, not to disappoint him. It was we, the adults, are well aware that Santa Claus does not exist, and a small child, which we deliberately shielded from the outside world by a wall of aggressive tales to seriously believes and hopes that this is the kind old man bring borodatay expected such a gift. And here atyou get not only a great chance to choose an original gift, but at the same time, and an additional headache. Remember how difficult to find a gift for an adult, which had long been playing with toys and takes everything literally. When choosing a gift to a small child, it is important, first of all, to consider his wishes, what it is moreall he wants - so do not happen every day. Besides the main gift, the most versatile and least expected, is a set of sweets (for myself remember how early in the morning looking for or under a pillow or under the Christmas tree with a huge package of sweets and oranges. In addition, a great time with the child and add him positive emotions , as well as,Most importantly, additional gifts may festive Christmas party.

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