Fences made of stainless steel


Fences made of stainless steeleliteynom plant where, in turn, enrich metal dopants including nickel, chromium, make   8 - 25% by weight of metal. Because of these additives does not corrode under the influence of humidity (rust).

Immediately after metal enrichment is rolling and forming a cylindrical core oring pipes, and then they are welded using welding. This technology makes it possible to save on material, because the majority of intermediate and bearing elements fence hollow.
The last stage of the production of this product - it's polished, which is performed to remove the irregularities. Thanks polishing fencingreceives a metallic luster.

The unique properties of stainless steel enclosures:

  • Inertia (Stainless steel is completely inert to the negative effects of the environment: acids, moisture, chemically aggressive components);
  • Reliability (Fences and nearly impossible to damage by applying a mechanical impact of moderate severity);
  • Cost (Fences polished stainless steel are the ideal combination of price, appearance and reliability. Hollow core structure of painmajority of the elements enable to reduce the cost of the fence 40% in comparison with all-metal products. With all this construction itself is almost lost in the reliability and durability).

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