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The modern woman - it's like as a beauty in one package.   If we follow the way ProchOdita her morning as she prepares for labor day, brings beauty, creating a chic image, you can not help to think that it can do everything that in these salons offer as a service (make-up, manicure, pedicure, tinting, hair coloring, etc. etc.). This list must be clearly one quite popular today, the service, which are madebe yourself, at a fairly high level in quality, pretty hard. We are talking about nail enhancements. By the way, can be carried out in the Center of Aesthetic Cosmetology « NanoEstetik ».

As the name implies procedure, it is to increase the length of the nail plate through the use of a claimusstvennyh materials. Initially, this procedure is used to eliminate the defect states of the nail plate (fragility, lamination, etc.), by concealing them. The first procedure nail realized, oddly enough, the dentist: a G. Rea, back in the 60s of the twentieth century made similar false nails his wife. To create them was the useCall of acrylic, which is still one of the main materials in the process.

At the present stage of development, nail takes one of five ways:

  • Acrylic nails . Prepared by the artificial nail plate sits down with glue on the nail, and then is applied layers of acrylic. They are thinner, have good elasticity;
  • Gel nails . They are more elastic and glossy surface. There are two ways of applying the gel - for tips or a form;
  • Application of adhesive powder ;
  • Use a fabric base, such as silk or fajberglass . Assistive technology and is most often used for practical purposes - to repair nails made by acrylic or gel technology. Also, this technology is also used for hardening, strengthening natural nogtya;
  • The combination of acrylic and gel technology . The advantages of this technology are obvious - they combine the qualities of acrylic and gel.

For the binding material between the layers of accrued coboy use polymerization material. As already mentionedabove, applying a layer of material and combining it with the natural nail plate, going on a prepared base - Tips, paper pattern, silicone molds (upper and lower), fluid tips (acrylic or gel).

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