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A lot of fans reading ask themselves: which book is worth reading? Books so much thatand a lifetime is not enough to read even a small part of them. The most interesting books from various branches can be found on the website:. As is well known, not only the great generals and charismatic leaders did fractures in history but also the written word. Below are the greatest books that have influenced the course of history is not.

1.&Laquo; Book of Changes & raquo ;, I Ching

This book is also called the « Zhou Yi & raquo ;, « Canon change & raquo ;. It is the oldest Chinese treatise on philosophy, which contains 64 hexagrams, each with which implies some kind of life situation. By today treatise used for predictions.

2. « Incidents in the life of a slave » Harriet Ann Jacobs

The book is a historical document, which describes the inhuman treatment of slaves. By the way, the author visited in slavery.

3. &Laquo; & raquo ;, Jungle Upton Sinclair

The author described the harsh conditions soChicago workers ore factories, their desperate situation and miserable existence.

4. &Laquo; King James Bible »

This is the Bible, which has been adapted for the English. The book contains 29 chapters of the New Testament, and 37 chapters of the Old Testament. This Bible has influenced both the emerging denomination and nand Christians.

5. &Laquo; Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass & raquo ;, Frederick Douglass

The book contains diaries Douglas, who at one time was a slave and fought for the rights of slaves the same as he did. In the book he tells of the atrocities of slave-owners.

6. &Laquo; On Freedom & raquo ;, John Stuart Mill

This is a book about utilitarianism, the state and society. &Nbsp; To this day, this book used by many philosophers and political scientists.

7. Quran

This is the Muslim holy book, a set of laws and revelations uttered by the Prophet Muhammad. The Koran contains acts and prophetic biographyplayer, which is also mentioned in the Bible.

8. &Laquo; & raquo ;, Republic Plato

Esche this book called « State & raquo ;. It is the most influential work of philosophy and political theory. Philosophers Plato describes how people who are able to grasp the idea. But the state, from his point of view shouldto express the idea of ??justice.

9. &Laquo; Human Rights & raquo ;, Thomas Rain

In his work proved the Rhine all revolutions, as an expression of human rights when the state does not protect him.

10. &Laquo; Second Sex & raquo ;, Simone de Beauvoir

This book was written in the 2-x volumes in the form of essays and, by the way, it banned the Vatican. In the book, the author analyzes the attitude towards women during the existence of mankind. This work has given 2nd breathing feminist movement. The book traces the idea that the role of women in society and in life as a whole was imposed on men, and that this role of women at all stick ne sure.

11. &Laquo; Silent Spring & raquo ;, Rachel Carson

This work was the beginning of the environmental movement. This book tells how representatives of chemical companies misinform the public. Carson talks about the harmful effects of chemicals and pesticides on the environment and healthhuman. Arisen as a result of the movement for a clean environment, and were adopted by the revolutionary laws that relate to this field.

12. &Laquo; Tao Te Ching & raquo ;, Lao Tzu

« The Book of ways and dignity » has a huge cultural impact on both China and the world. Tao – is a way of life inbenefit of the people. Tao – this order of things, which is defined not by outside intervention, but only heavenly will. Tao – the simplicity of life. The book laid the foundation of Taoism as well as a great influence on Confucianism and Buddhism, as well as the entire culture of China.

13. Torus

Torre, Teyro, Tyro – yavlyaetsI have a collection of Jewish laws (the analogue of the Bible for Christians). Torah also called parental guidance, instruction and individual divine precepts. This book is still known as the Five Books of Moses. The book describes how the world. This work has the greatest impact on all the religions and cultures of the world.

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