What are men's underpants

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We all somehow unnoticed, but got used to the idea that such a category of goods, Singleto underwear has a direct relationship to the woman, bypassing the men's fashion party. In part, this is certainly true, but only partly. Woman as an object of enthusiastic, constantly attracts the views of men and must look the part, especially in such a sensitive issue as intimate, in terms of underwear. Nevertheless, no man is also notcomplete without this accessory as underwear (in general - pants). Firstly, - is the subject personal hygiene in the groin area. Underwear protects this area from the harmful effects of the environment. Secondly, quality underwear - is the key to male (sexual) health. Panties protect the genitals of men from harmful mikroorganizmov, dirt, creating a comfortable space and a protective barrier inside the pants. And, thirdly, men's underwear - it is the same element of fashion and style, as well as any other clothing. Underwear has a wide range of species, breed, color gamut. In the production of men's underwear also have their own brands, the most famous of whichis Calvin Clein.

According to the cut of the majority of men's underwear is divided into two large groups:

  • Slips . Cowards who have a form of heats, as well as their modern modification - briefs;
  • Boxers . It's cowards totorye have a straight leg and shaped like shorts. Boxers are slim cut (classic boxers or shortened - Heaps) and loose-fitting (the so-called boxers).

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