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English courses in the center of the "Leader"

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Knowledge of English is a vital skill in the modern world. It is not easya desire to improve their knowledge and skills in the language area. A sufficient level of knowledge of foreign languages, especially English, already opens up broad prospects in life: it is able to communicate freely with absolutely razymi people the opportunity to deeper knowledge of art and culture, adequate perception of environguide English-speaking world. In addition, knowledge of the English language opens quite wide opportunities in career development, promotion, and in general, is quite effective argument in the labor market. In order to achieve in a short time a good result, you need to make considerable efforts to the same are to be strictly systematizedRowan and structure. The best way to maximize harmoniously combine all of these requirements are at the center of "Leader". This center is not for nothing is so named because it is one of the industry leaders, who largely oriented competitors (remember how it was the captain Vrungel - "How to ship call, so it will float"). At the training center "Leader", while there are several language courses, which can be as accurate as possible to take into account the level of knowledge of the listener:

  • Beginner , or so-called "zero". The program for those who have never taught and has no clue language;
  • Elementary (A1) or the level of" survival ". The presence of the listener some initial polupaltsevyh knowledge and skills explained;
  • Pre-Intermediate (A2) - baseline. Knowledge of basic designs, phrases, words, applicable to a particular situation;
  • Intermediate (B1) or intermediate level. It differs, fairly good, the ability to communicate and understanding, but in some standard situations;
  • Upper-Intermediate (B2) - a high level. Characterized by confidence in the use of all forms of language;
  • Lower-Advanced (C1). Advanced level.

Obuchnie happens in the corporate or group style, at the end you get the relevant documents - certificates of conformity for Rousseau and English.

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