Bolshoi Theatre - one of the oldest centers of opera

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Opera is one of the most andzyskannyh arts. Subtle combination of acting, singing and unimaginable stunning ballet parts makes opera essentially elitist. Opera takes its origin somewhere in the XVI-XVII century, reaching a peak somewhere in the XIX., Thanks to the work of one of the greatest opera composers of all time - Richard Wagner. To dateopera houses are in almost every big city in the world, and some of them are real works of art of building, such as the Sydney Opera House, the Vienna Opera, Milan's La Scala, the Metropolitan Opera in New York, the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow. Actually the last will be discussed. By the way, the Internet can book tickets in the Big onesAsia-Pacific:. This theater is one of the oldest centers of opera not only Russia but the whole world. His story made count since 1776, when, and formed a theater troupe. Since then much water has flowed, changed the main actors, expand the territory and the team, but the Bolshoi Theatre still holds the reputation of one of the luchshih opera and ballet theaters in the world. It is a key in the formation of good taste and love of art. On the stage (and now actually on two stages) successfully placed and opera performances, not only the classic Russian opera, but also well-known masterpieces of our time. In addition, at the Bolshoi Theatre regularly proigo different concert events as for an adult audience, and for young people. To work on productions in the theater attracts many foreign outstanding art that contributes to the promotion of the opera.

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