What is the best stove for baths?

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Any type of furnace has its disadvantages and npoles of. Therefore, before you buy a stove for a bath, you need to understand its characteristics. By the way, you can purchase. There are the following tipi furnaces for baths: gas, wood, electric, metal. Let us consider their advantages and disadvantages.

Gas stove


  • possible to use for water heating;
  • good heating rate;
  • support the desired temperature in the steam room.


  • if the gas is not connected,then the furnace bath will have a lot of gas cylinders;
  • large size.

Electric oven


  • no problems with the chimney and the manipulation of wood;
  • compactst;
  • full bezopast (there is a thermostat and fuse from overheating);
  • electric furnace can be turned off at any time;
  • quickly warms the room up to the desired temperature and keep it for as long as you need.


  • possible limitation of the number of kilowatts of electricity, which is allocated to the consumer.

Wood Stove


  • Anyway, wood stove – best furnace for a bath that create a unique pairatmosphere.


  • this bath have not folded;
  • rather slowly warmed up;
  • takes a lot of firewood for heating.

Metal furnace


  • is rapidly growing air temperature;
  • is a possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning;
  • they do not need to build a special foundation;
  • aesthetics;
  • ecology;
  • economy;
  • tank for water heating can be positioned where you are comfortable and have a stone backfill thermal camera.


  • quickly cools offVaeth;
  • heating surface is uneven;
  • fuel cells need to make deep and capacious;
  • necessarily need a cast iron grate.

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