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In our time, a good education and erudition - it is notprivilege and something unattainable (as it could be 100 years ago), this is a real necessity in view of the rapid development of science and technology, and hence the appearance of high-tech products to be intuitive to understand and use in full. Reach a certain high level of erudition on the enthusiasm impossible. To this nNecessity permanently (or at least regularly) derive new knowledge and information. This is what the company "Cyril and Methodius", which the majority of inhabitants is best known for her children's multimedia encyclopedia. One of the innovations of the company is a new multimedia book "Encyclopedia of Film". In fact, it isedition is unique because almost no thematic analogues (was "Cinemania" but it produced only one edition, and that 17 years ago). There is one alternative: to visit one of the oldest sites of the film "RuData", where you can watch. In the "Encyclopedia of Film Cyril and Methodius", you can find more than 20 thousand unique withthieves, graphic information support (frames, posters, etc.), reviews of movies, biographical data of more than 10 thousand actors and directors, as well as specific kinoslenga Dictionary. On the bundled CD-ROM contains additional information, including a collection of soundtracks, equipment catalogs, cinemas and much more. MotherAli articles cover a significant period in the development of cinema: films from 1915 until 2003, domestic and foreign production. At the moment, the online retailer is successfully implemented for the third reprint encyclopedia.

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