Lottery "Gosloto" 6 of 45 "

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The reality of life is that every day we are faced with the phenomenon of social inequalityva. In general, it appears that five percent of the population, in fact, owns and manages Ninety percent of all financial wealth. Naturally, there is a feeling that some of inferiority, and along with the desire to fix it. Options are basically three (not to mention the legacy suddenly appeared distant relatives):

  • Earn money . Option is good, but not always feasible (except that, if there really a win-win idea that the sale could bring no small profits);
  • Assign that is not legally make and bypassing the law . This approach immediately exclude as problems with the law, clearly does not fit into our strategy;
  • Win the lottery money . This option is the most optimal for that right to get a huge amount of money (of course, with luck).

Virtually every country in the world played the lottery, and sometimes far from alone. Only in Russia there are about seven state lotteries, each of which can have several versions of the game: "6 of 45", "The Golden Key" (check the results can be passed),   "Russian lotto" (available on the project website « Check ticket »),   One of the most popular lottery games is "Gosloto" 6 of 45 ". This lottery game refers to a series of lotteries, broadcast in real time. This automatically means that each purchased ticket (of course, the official point of sales), with marked six digits on the spot by the customer,tion cash lottery machine is brought into a common database raffle. Start the game is quite simple. This can be done (as mentioned above), referring to the point of implementation, using the appropriate form on the website of the lottery or payment terminal. Game lottery ticket "Gosloto" 6 of 45 ", contains six playing fields, each ofwhich comprises forty-five numbers (in ascending order from 1 to 45). In the simplest case, it is necessary to note   in any field of play coupon (or several fields) six numbers at your discretion. Furthermore, there is a possibility of so-called extended rate when the number of marked numbers may be more than six, not less than devyatnadTSATI. There is also the ability to automatically populate fields lottery machine (for this field is provided in each relevant paragraph). At the bottom of the ticket, you can choose the number of draws in which you would like to participate. By the way, the results rozygrasha you can take.

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