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Soljanka, regardless of type, is one of the traditional Russian culinary dishescuisine. In its form, so to speak, is a halophyte soup or broth, since it is based on just the broth. With that, the type of broth depends on the name of the soups. Halophytes are of three basic types: fish mushroom and meat. Meat halophyte combines the features and ingredients like soup (ing) and rassolnik.It quietly coexist and potatoes, and greens and citrus and pickles. The main ingredient that actually defines the name of the dish is cold cuts. In hodgepodge meat can safely add sausage, corned beef, fried or boiled meat. Due to the presence in the structure of a large variety of products, such soups made Mr.be ordered even teams. In addition to these ingredients, it is quite satisfying and no less fragrant soup are: olives, potatoes, greens, lemon, and of course pickles. A special feature is, in fact, the absence of a specific recipe or cooking techniques - you can show the wonders of initiative and ingenuity. It is dovolno individual dish after various holidays: on the background of overeating and a hangover, this product restores the acid balance of the body. Preparation begins with its broth, which gradually added zazharku of onions and carrots, herbs, meats, pickles and other interesting ingredients you. An important point in the processe preparation is the level of salt the broth: Due additive is initially pickles and cold cuts, salted insufficiently broth should be.

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