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In a society itself had such stereotypical view of how a woman should look likewith their status beautiful half of humanity. Surely, we will have an image of a beautiful lady in elegant clothes, in jewelry and makeup. A hundred years ago, so it may be, and the rhythm of life of the modern woman is much more dynamic and constant wearing of "the image of the beautiful princess" catastrophically tires. In everyday life and in private,free time, a woman is not alien to anything simple: leisure, walking, sports, travel. All it requires in addition a more comfortable clothes and shoes, the presence of an additional set, as well as various accessories (depending on the kind of future activities). In this case, simply can not do without these handy accessories like. By dayand speaking, the prefix "female" is very conditional, because it does not differ from the other categories (men and children), but to look: more feminine, soft shape, coloring and corresponding volume (which objectively should be smaller, because of physiological characteristics of the female body). Generally, whatever categoryAI did not belong to a backpack - urban, bicycle, sports, tourism, specialized (eg, laptops or cameras), - it must distinguish the kind of femininity, and whether that particular anatomical cut. For example, if we compare the hiking backpacks, the female version is characterized by a slightly different design straps (takes into account theXia narrower shoulder girdle, chest, etc.), softer waist belt, shortened back. Well, as mentioned above - smaller volume and weight.

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