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The air plays a vital role in the life of any person, ACTUALEski, as a pledge of his life. Under natural conditions (ie open space) the person is completely surrounded by so many air that provides the required ventilation (air - carbon dioxide) of the body. Under conditions of limited or confined space, such as in a variety of industrial and office indooreniyah, ventilation may not be performed or carried out in a natural way, but not in sufficient quantity. In such circumstances, it is necessary to organize technically the air supply and removal of carbon dioxide generated. Such a system consists of two main elements:

  • Duct - channels of different sections that are subject to direct air flow in the desired areas and removal of carbon dioxide;
  • fans - devices that carry air movement due to the pressure difference created.

MainFeatures and Differences duct fans, from all the others is their actual alignment of the duct, as opposed to, say, a conventional centrifugal fan, in which the incoming and outgoing flows perpendicular and, moreover, have different cross-sectional shapes (usually circular - and a rectangular inlet - outlet). By the way, the bestof quality, please visit Ltd “ Company Yuson & rdquo ;: yuson.by. Furthermore, this type of fan is much more compact in size and does not require installation of additional equipment for installation systems. Thus, the channel may cause the fan rather large air flow which together with the previously identified factors Affairsflushes it ideal for propulsion systems, ventilation and air conditioning.

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