Photo for documents in the home


Everyone in the world has its own set of documents proving his Lichof the legal field. In the role of such documents are the passport, driver's license, student ID cards, passports, etc. Each of these instruments is their authorized law shape, but each of them has one element in common - a photograph of a certain size. Make it easier to just conditions of specializationesc studio, where all the conditions, hardware, software and personnel. This option, however, cost money and have to wait for the result, usually a time. Certain alternative can be photographed on the document at home. This option saves you money, but in terms of readiness of all toodepends on you. To simulate the conditions in the home studio on so hard. To do this, you need the following things:

  • Digital Camera. Preference is given to mirror models;
  • Tripod. Is necessary to immobilize the camera, and thus improving stability and VIBdiet stability;
  • The computer as a source and tool for processing images;
  • Specialized software (for example, Photoshop) for image processing;
  • Uniform (preferably white) background;
  • Color Printer,as a means of printing photos.

Next, before you start the process of photographing, you need to set the right lighting. Typically, additional lamps set at or behind the camera. Subject to the following rules:

  • pazmeschenie camera, which is carried out at eye level;
  • all additional lights should be, if possible, are connected to a single power supply;
  • in the camera settings disables the built-in flash and set the white balance.

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