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A man develops intellectually throughout his life. A special role in this process andma jor various educational classes and logic games. They are known almost since ancient times, and the most widespread of all are the two games - chess and backgammon. Each of these games is special in its own way, has a long history of creating preconditions and development. Trying to compare these two popular games there is no common sense, poskolku they have different objectives, the organization of the game, strategies, rules. We will try in this article to make a short excursion into their history, assess their problems and the importance of a human scale. Let's start with chess, considered probably one of the most intelligent games (if not the most intellectual) in the world. His story began chesssomewhere in the 6th century AD (which, no less - and a half thousand years of development) in the territory of modern India (the game was called Chaturanga). Later, the Arabs brought to Europe its actual descendant - shatranj from which emerged chess in the form in which we know them. The game takes place on a flat board, divided into 64 quadmartial field (board size 8x8). Each of the parties (and there are two - the "white" and "black") is available to 16 diverse pieces (king, queen, rook, elephants, horses and foot). Each figure has its own importance and specific features in the movement (for example, the pawn moves right on one or two fields, the elephant - on the diagonal, the horse - for the L-shaped trajectoryRhee). Each player, in turn, makes the moves, the purpose is not the destruction of the opponent's pieces (it just means to an end), and checkmate the king (game conditions under which the king can not make a move without exposing themselves to a direct threat). In addition matte situation, the game is also characterized by two major positional situations:Shah (stroke, is a direct threat to the king) and Pat (a situation in which there is no possibility to implement the course of the king under the existing rules). Every year, played the title of world champion in individual and team competition in the various disciplines of the game (bullet, blitz, Rapid, classic). By the way, will be a great surprise for every child and adult: howfor professionals and for amateurs. Backgammon, in turn, have an even more ancient history, because, thanks to archaeological and historical research, like her game is still practiced, about 5,000 years ago. It is just like chess and has Eastern origin, although it is not known ancestral home (like her gamepracticed in ancient Iran, and in ancient Egypt, in particular, at the time of Tutankhamun). Gameplay is also happening on the board, which is divided into two play area (unlike chess, backgammon game pieces - Checkers - do not have direct contact with the opposing party) - separately for each of the players. Each of them has in raceshis disposal 15 game pieces, each of which must fully pass their playing field and, as a consequence, to marry him. The winner is the player who before the opponent withdrew all their pieces outside the playing field. Moving checkers (the number of fields for one-time travel) is not fixed and depends on the points that defineyayutsya roll of the dice (Saarow).   Currently the game is fairly common in the Caucasus and the Middle East. If you need to make it possible in the online shop of board games.

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