Filling automotive air conditioning while reducing the level of Freon

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The modern man is heavily dependentfrom all sorts of comfort and just as picky about their implementation. We need hot water at the tap, the light on the landing, washing machine or dishwasher, TV, sofa, car. For example, if you take the same car, it is on the one hand comfort in moving is not going to any comparison with public transportm, but the functioning of all its systems to ensure comfort, manifested by increased demand. This applies, for example, the availability and uninterrupted operation of the automotive air conditioner. This is a complex thermodynamic system that provides the necessary microclimate in the cabin. Her work is based on the coolant - coolant in the rolland which often acts as Freon R-134a brand. As with any of those. system of complex mechanisms, air conditioning is subject to breakage, damage, loss of pressurization, thereby reducing the level of refrigerant in the circulation system. In this case it is necessary to fill this gap, after the cause of the leak. Restores the volume of Freon desirable to carry outservice centers or stations, for example, you can implement a service station on Dmitrijevka 163, but if there is sufficient knowledge, this operation can be free to spend at home. To do this, first, you must determine the appropriate type of freon and its volume (these data must be specified in the technical specifications). Self filling the air conditioner can use implemented in stores metrology systems, refueling, which in its simplest form consists of a cylinder with Freon, connecting hoses, safety group with pressure gauges, valves and adapters. Once assembled, the system is connected to the filling line of low pressure. LockApplication is made with the engine running (at 1500 rpm) and the maximum degree of air circulation. Refuel as long as the temperature of the air entering the cabin falls to 5 ... 8 degrees.

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