What is an air compressor

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From school physics course, we know that the substance in nature thereexist in three states - solid (stone), liquid (water) and gaseous (air). Air is one of the most important substances in nature, it is necessary for the implementation of human respiratory reflex, and hence life. However, air is actively used for technological purposes as a structural member (for example, automobilesyl tire) or part of the process (eg, the work of pneumatic tools). The essence of any production process using air, is to perform some manual operation by changing characteristics (volume and pressure), and air movement. For organizations using such a tool needed cnetsialnoe equipment which is the right moment to change the characteristics of the air volume -. Scope and terms of use of compressors is quite wide, as well as the scope of the special pneumatic tools. This is most often the SRT, tire, washing, painting and assembly lines, in medicine (eg, dental), wherewidely used compressed air (wrenches, screwdrivers, riveting, sprays, blowing, etc.). All made air compressors can be classified into the following main parameters:

  • diagram of the workflow (diaphragm, piston, rotary);
  • connecteds with the power plant (coaxial, belt);
  • lubrication (oil, oil-free).

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