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The school is one of the most important stages in the development of any person (in the civilized part ofworld of course) and its formation as a person in society. This early education was sometimes inaccessible luxury, especially in rural areas, and today any civilized country puts it at the same level as medicine and industry. This is understandable, after all, the healthcare industry, and production of, and any other area of ??employment rights requiresa certain knowledge and skills, the development of which, in turn, is impossible without a basic education. To the education received was really high quality, you need a competent and harmonious combination of several factors: a competent teacher (combining personal knowledge and teaching skills, that is, the mindof information available to present), Apt Pupil (not only in terms of the ability to learn, but also the presence of his desire to learn) and quality of educational material (ie, books). The latter factor is particularly important because it is based on organized learning process and the interaction between teacher and student. Whofinishing 11th grade 10-15 years ago, certainly remember how difficult it was to get at least some kind of tutorial that sometimes used 2-3 students. Today, this problem is easily solved thanks to the Internet - you can find any. The fact that most used textbooks long digitized or scanned, and this greatly simplifiesprocess of their placement on any online site and mass distribution to students. This makes it possible to always have on hand, "a copy" textbook for the 11th grade, and this tutorial, moreover, never breaks, and you can draw experience from other sources, raising the intellectual level on the eve of the opening kaMpano universities.

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