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Man is a part of the world, subject tobschim laws of nature (though somehow he had not tried to change the world for themselves). Thus, in fact mostly human reflex, its main task is whether in nature is procreation. This process is characteristic of all living species on the planet, is a prerequisite for the preservation and growth of the population. It is quite clear that life chelovESA, consisting of several stages of development, one way or another, leads him to this need, and the birth of a child is probably the most long-awaited and brightest event in everyone's life. But, if you omit the bright curtain and take a sober look at the situation, the appearance of a child in the family - it's a big responsibility, which lies on will give birthfirs. The fact that a small child - it's not a toy, but a living creature, a little man who is much more susceptible to all sorts of negative factors of the world. The task of parents is raising a child in such a way as to develop in his body the maximum degree of fitness, protective functions and skills for ecial life. Pretty valuable and detailed information on how to properly raise children and to respond to emerging issues and challenges will help the material presented in the book, Dr. Eugene Komarovsky. This famous Ukrainian pediatrician, a supporter of the European view on medicine than most of his colleagues. Komorowski isis constant leading eponymous television schools, as well as the author of a dozen cognitive and necessary in the house every sane parent books. Among them, the following should be noted:

  • Guide sane parents (in 3 volumes);
  • 36 and 6 questions about theture;
  • The book is a cough and runny nose from the book;
  • ARI: a guide for parents sane;
  • Child Health and common sense of his relatives;
  • The beginning of the life of your child.

The material presented in the literature the most comparable to the purely Ukrainian and post-Soviet mentality, and aims to maximize its adaptation to modern conditions.

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