What is viscose jersey


Of course, people - this is one of the greatest creations of nature andDoes the Lord God (this is despite who believes in what the theory) and the most advanced creature on the planet. But at the same time, being, in fact, on the top of Mount Olympus in terms of technological and scientific oboznannosti, a person can not own forces the body to adapt to different weather conditions, and therefore obliged something to wear and shoe. In addition, there is alsofactor of moral and ethical views of society. Generally, any clothes - is primarily the tissue material from which it is made. One of the oldest and most common materials is still knitted fabric. It is a soft, flexible, durable material formed a cross-sectional weaving yarns. Initially, as constituent yarnsfabric used for woolen and silk threads. But with the advent of synthetic materials, they also began to be actively used in weaving jersey. So there was a rayon knitted fabric, which is based on cellulose fibers (the most natural of man-made fibers). This material is widely used to easilyth industry to create a variety of t-shirts, shirts, blouses and other products. Like any other fabric, viscose has both strengths and weaknesses. The positive aspects include: good water absorption, elasticity, thermal conductivity, air permeability. The disadvantages can be safely attributed little strength, especially in the wetm as, in consequence of which laundry is only possible in manual mode and very carefully.

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